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Payroll service - convenient, reliable, safe and simple

There are good reasons why you should consider our payroll services

Working with ICS PAYROLL means partnering with the most experienced experts in this field. We take over for companies all aspects of payroll accounting.

Do you want to outsource your entire payroll accounting or do you still want to stay in control of certain aspects? No problem: we give you exactly the support that you need.

In every case our outsourcing offer covers all central aspects of external payroll accounting.

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  • Data recording + data maintenance

    We gather and check all data relevant to payroll.

  • Settlement + report

    We conduct the monthly payroll and transfer the data to third parties.

  • Printing + shipment

    We place the finished payroll accountings at your disposal in electronic or printed form.

Why you are right on target with ICS PAYROLL

Risks? Zero for you.

Our service is transparent, fool-proof and financially quantifiable. We make sure that your payroll accounting is secure, that all laws and tariff provisions are taken into account and that notification obligations are dealt with. Service Level Agreements also assure you maximum reliability for your payroll accounting.

Service? Competent and personal.

Experienced clerks are your personal contacts for your staff and third parties, like governmentauthorities, health insurance companies and company auditors. What is more, this communication doens't happen over an anonymous service hotline but through the direct contact of a phone extension. As your strategic partner we can be reached during the usual service hours; we are familiar with your needs and demands.

Special features in settlement? Our day-to-day business.

Many specific cases, including changes like staff coming, leaving or going on hiatus but also short time workers, employees going into partial retirement, distraints or marginal employment, can pose a constant challenge to the payroll. We are the experts in this field and experienced enough to handle special cases in payrolls from different industries.

Expensive IT and constant updates? No worries.

As your Application Service Provider we use cutting-edge payroll accounting software from leading sources. We establish import/export interfaces, take over your data - as per your specifications - and integrate it into our system. While doing so, we use special care to protect, secure and back up the data and see to updates and new releases. Remote maintenance services is also possible should you request it.


We offer you a wide variety of choices for billing systems and IT services. We provide security certified hosting, the accounting system and the application support e.g. with SAP® ERP and P&I LogaAll-in - billing, application and IT from a single source. Alternatively, hosting and application management can be carried out by a specialist provider such as made available to the Bremer Rechenzentrum and we will bill you with BRZ-HR® (PAISY). It is also possible that you provide us with your systems (e.g. SAP® ERP) via secure connection and we provide the billing services based on them. The decision is yours: you can choose the application support or you can trust the application management into your hands.

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